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Introducing... The Cottage! 


This 18-foot diameter and 20-foot-tall reclaimed bin will be disassembled and transported to your location, where we'll provide all the necessary labor, fasteners, and a two-day assembly service on your concrete pad. We'll also frame the openings for two windows and one door, while you supply the windows and doors of your choice.


Please note that travel expenses for our crew are not included in the price, and delivery fees are calculated at $1.50 per mile plus rooms.


To receive an accurate quote, please send us your ZIP code.


Pick up is also available.


We understand that many people are curious about the interior of the cottage, and we want to clarify that it is entirely unfinished. This shell provides you with a blank canvas to finish out according to your needs and preferences. Please note that we offer a variety of other sizes if you're in need of something larger.

The Cottage


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