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We offer a customizable design to meet your specific needs, size, and style preferences. Pictured is our 18' design featuring a bar opening and one of our unique reclaimed bar tops, which can be custom-made to fit your opening and size requirements. This particular bar top is 110 years old and milled from roof rafters reclaimed from an abandoned pool hall that was being razed.


We take pride in all our projects, ensuring that each one is just as cool and unique as the last. Our assembly service on your pad starts at just $8800, plus delivery/travel expenses, and includes a custom butcher block bar top coated with six coats of exterior grade poly.


We currently offer this design in 18', 21', 24', and 30' diameters, and each bin is carefully selected and purchased from the farmer before being disassembled and inspected in our yard to ensure top-quality craftsmanship and service.


With a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and quality service, we have nearly 100 satisfied clients to our name. So, if you have design ideas, we can build it! Simply give us a call to get started

The Bar

  • over 50 bins in stock! This design uses a repuposed 18' bin with a 10' opening for your bar top or mine. 

    Price is $8800 plus delivery/travel/hotel expenses, built on your pad.

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